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Workshop »Storytelling for engineers«, intuitive vehicles conference, Berlin

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Workshop Description

The automotive industry, particularly the UX and connectivity departments, are mainly driven by technological advancements. It’s the engineers who work on the future of mobility and the human machine interface – with their specific skill set and mindset: Developing construction plans and wireframes, thinking a machine from the inside to the outside.

It seems as if the main discussion around the future of mobility is solely evolving around the question if the HMI (human machine interface) is going to be communicating via user interface, gesture control or voice.

But the real question is: How can we take up a change of perspective? How can we truly humanize technology so people are not afraid to use it? It’s about relationship, isn’t it? It’s about trust. And this happens when tech starts speaking our language. When engineers start thinking in narratives and stories. Time to do some work on our storytelling skills. 

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Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade, March, 13, 2019

About the organisers

Intrepid Delta delivers strategic, senior-level events that bring together a selected network of experts from the automotive industry. Intrepid Delta produces and manages leading B2B conferences, workshops and curated content.

About Julia Peglow

Julia studied communication design in Germany and the UK and worked as strategic consultant and managing director for international branding and UX agencies, for BMW, BMW i, SAP and adidas amongst others. After two decades she recently left it to become what she’s always been: a storyteller and writer, which can be followed on her blog »diary of the digital age«. Julia lives in Munich with her husband and two sons.